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  • NASM 2.11.06 has a bug which prevents Syslinux from building correctly. Use other version of NASM (e.g. 2.11.05, 2.11.08, among others).
  • binutils 2.26, as originally released upstream, has a bug preventing Syslinux from building correctly. The bug in bintuils 2.26 was resolved in a later commit.
  • When building with glibc 2.23+, the "major", "minor" and "makedev" functions are defined in "sys/sysmacros.h". The patch "extlinux: pull in sys/sysmacros.h for major/minor/makedev", applied to Syslinux during 2016Apr, should help. Please note that not only Syslinux is affected by this change in glibc.
  • Building Syslinux 6.03 with gcc5+:

    These patches related to gcc5+ are included in Syslinux 6.04-pre1 (released 2016Mar).

  • "error: impossible constraint in asm". When gcc5+ is configured with --enable-default-pie, in some cases there might be a need to use custom flags in some makefile(s), similar to either "CFLAGS += -fno-pie" or "CFLAGS := -fno-pie". Examples:

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