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Specify background and foreground colors:

 <SI><bg><fg>                         <SI> = <Ctrl-O> = ASCII 15  

Example "color.txt" file in hexadecimal view:

 # xxd color.txt
 0000000: 0f39 6542 6c69 6e6b 696e 6720 5965 6c6c  .9eBlinking Yell
 0000010: 6f77 206f 6e20 426c 7565 2042 6163 6b67  ow on Blue Backg
 0000020: 726f 756e 640a                           round.

Note the first few bytes:

0x0f : ASCII  15
0x39 : ASCII  57 character "9" background "bright blue"
0x65 : ASCII 101 character "e" foreground "yellow"

The resulting content is presented here in different formats, so as to support different viewers / browsers:

 ☼9eBlinking Yellow on Blue Background
☼9eBlinking Yellow on Blue Background
☼9eBlinking Yellow on Blue Background

☼9eBlinking Yellow on Blue Background

☼9eBlinking Yellow on Blue Background

When this DISPLAY (message) file is shown in the Syslinux boot environment, the aforementioned special bytes are not part of the output text:

Blinking Yellow on Blue Background

For simplicity in the above example, the special bytes (that set the colors) are located at the very beginning of the "color.txt" sample file.

Unless noted differently, such special bytes can be located at any location within the DISPLAY file, where the colors of the text and/or background that follow them need to change. They can also be used in multiple places within a DISPLAY file, as the following example illustrates:

 ☼1fF☼0a1☼07   Main help
 ☼1fF☼0a2☼07   ☼7bPopular boot☼07 options
 ☼1fF☼0a3☼07   ☼1eRescue☼07 boot options
 Press the ☼1fF1☼07 key to continue.

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