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A (quick) collection of a few Frequently Asked Questions.

How Do I

HowTos and UseCases contain some common things to do with Syslinux in general


Hardware_Compatibility contains some known issues with specific hardware. Sometimes these issues are specific to certain variants as the bug is present in specific firmware sections.

Common Problems

Common_Problems lists some of the most common problems users experience when attempting to utilize Syslinux.

Common Problems.Issues

If you suspect that you have found a bug, please see Common_Problems#Official_Binaries. Also, check your syntax against the appropriate documentation. In the official package, doc/syslinux.txt contains the syntax for the configuration file.

Common Problems.Reporting

If you are using the official binaries, checked your syntax, checked file permissions (primarily applicable to PXELINUX), and filenames Common Problems#What's the real name of that file? but still experience issues, feel free to contact us. Please try to include details like the version and variant of Syslinux that you are using, the file system (if SYSLINUX/EXTLINUX), and potentially relevant pieces of a config (all global directives and the LABELs in question).



Be sure to use modules, especially COM32 modules, that come from the same package/package set (ie, Debian splits components of Syslinux across multiple packages that could collectively be considered a set). See also Common_Problems#Modules


The documentation of different modules will vary. These include Wiki pages, often in the COMBOOT Category, plain text documentation in either the doc/ directory or the module's directory (in the official package; See also README files), and documentation at the top of the source file. Some may not have (or even need) any formal documentation (ie, pwd.c32 outputs the Present Working Directory and has nothing else to document).



If you've loaded an image with MEMDISK and think something is broken, look at *this page* as what you're trying to perform is possibly broken.