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This page is intended as a collection of tasks that the SYSLINUX project needs. If you are interested in helping out with any of these, please contact the mailing list.

Nontechnical tasks

  • Organize the web page and wiki
  • Unify the web page and wiki (bring the wiki up to date with the web page, so the old webpage can be discontinued.)
  • Clean up and unify the documentation

General tasks

  • Testing 4.00-preX
  • Finishing scripting system

Subsystem maintainer wanted

  • Simple menu system
  • Complex menu system

(In both cases, not including the underlying libraries.)

Isolated technical tasks

  • Merging command-line handling between extlinux and "dos","win32" and "mtools" version of the installers
  • Rewrite gfxboot in C
  • Fixing cmenu so that it doesn't need BIOS
  • Rethink the build system
  • Rewrite the CLI as a COM32 module (in progress)
  • Develop a scripting interface for menu item/boot selection. (Will need ongoing maintenance.) (Lua interpreter ported)
  • New filesystems (filesystem support in C developed but not yet checked in)

Technical subtasks for future development

  • Merging the syslinux 4 [pathbased] changed into syslinux 5 [elflink] and make that branch operational
  • An ELF module loader/dynamic linker, to allow multiple C modules to coexist (in progress)
  • Clean up the Makefile system