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ifcpuhvm.c32 is a comboot module for Syslinux that check's the CPU flags for hardware virtualisation(vmx|svm) and loads the appropriate label in a pxelinux.cfg file.

This is only available in Syslinux 3.84 or later.


  • working Syslinux environment
  • two kernel images
  • one environment that requires hvm and one regular environment.


ifcpuhvm.c32 hvm_label -- regular_label

The use of -- is required!


Here is an example pxelinux.cfg file for booting

label boot_kernel
     com32 ifcpuhvm.c32
     append boot_kernel_xen -- boot_kernel_regular
label boot_kernel_xen
     com32 mboot.c32
     append xen.gz dom0_mem=262144 -- vmlinuz-xen console=tty0 root=/dev/hda1 ro --- initrd.img-xen
 label boot_kernel_regular
     kernel vmlinuz_64
     append ...

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