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ifcpu64.c32 is a comboot module for Syslinux that checks the CPU flags for 64-bitness (and optionally for 32-bit PAE support) and loads the appropriate label of/in the Syslinux configuration file.

This is only available in Syslinux 3.71 or later.


  • working Syslinux environment
  • two kernel images
  • one 32bit environment or an additional 64bit environment


ifcpu64.c32 64bit-label [-- pae-label] -- 32bit-label

The use of "--" is required! The PAE is optional.


Here is a config file:

LABEL ifcpu64-1
 KERNEL ifcpu64.c32
 APPEND system_64 -- system_32
LABEL system_64
 KERNEL kernel64
 APPEND initrd=ramfs.x86_64.cgz root=/dev/ram0
LABEL system_32
 KERNEL kernel32
 APPEND initrd=ramfs.x86.cgz root=/dev/ram0

See Also

  • Ifcpu.c32: Detect specific CPU's features and act accordingly