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This article contains some isolinux.cfg examples


This is an example that provides multi-boot options (inspired by Carsten Grohmann´s article (German)) and a colorized boot.txt.


display boot.txt
prompt 1
default 1

# Boot other devices
label a
    localboot 0x00
label b
    localboot 0x80
label c
    localboot -1

label 1
    kernel /kernel/memdisk
    append initrd=/images/tools.imz

# Darik´s Boot and Nuke
label 2
    kernel /kernel/memdisk
    append initrd=/images/bootnuke.imz

# MemTest
label 3
    kernel /kernel/memtp170


 ☼09a☼07 - Boot A:
 ☼09b☼07 - Boot first HDD
 ☼09c☼07 - Boot next device

 ☼091☼07 - ☼0fPC-DOS☼07
 ☼092☼07 - Darik's Boot and Nuke
 ☼093☼07 - memtest86