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= Further Reading =
= Further Reading =
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linux.c32 is a comboot module for Syslinux that loads Linux kernels and memdisk.

The linux.c32 module can deal with memory holes better than is the case using syslinux directly. Eg. on some systems with large initramfs files you may have to use linux.c32. The other difference is that for PXE boot, you can make it pass a copy of the PXE configuration packets into the initramfs.

The linux.c32 code will be included as part of the core in Syslinux 5.


  • working Syslinux environment
  • working kernel (and initrd/initramfs)


linux.32 [-dhcpinfo] path/kernel arguments...

If -dhcpinfo is specified, the DHCP info is written into the file /dhcpinfo.dat in the initramfs.


Here is an example pxelinux.cfg file for booting

label superLinuxOS
  kernel linux.c32
  append path/kernel initrd=path/initramfs.cgz root=/dev/ram0 rw quiet

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