Read-Only SHell(rosh.c32)

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[BETA] This page is intended to start documenting the BETA COM32 module rosh.c32, a read-only shell. Feedback on this page and on my module are welcome. If I'm doing something wrong, you see an area that could you improvement, think what I've done is helpful, etc, let me know. -Gene

ROSH, a read-only shell, is intended to be exactly that: a read-only shell. Any operation that may write to the file system/disk will not be implemented.

That said, it is designed to make exploring the contents of a file system/disk possible from the Syslinux environment. Primarily, it is geared towards the disk-based variants as TFTP currently does not have any standardized method for retrieving a directory listing.

The internal commands currently implemented include help, man, ls, dir, more, cd, pwd, run, quit and exit.