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sanboot.c32 is a comboot module for gpxelinux.0 that enables gPXE's SAN booting options (iSCSI and AoE currently).

This is only available in >=syslinux-3.71 for gpxelinux.0


  • working gpxelinux.0 environment or gPXE with chainloaded pxelinux.0
  • a SAN target: either iSCSI or AoE
    • The SAN target must have a working OS installation
    • SAN target must have a partition table with MBR or active partition


sanboot.c32 rootpath

rootpath needs to be prefixed with either iscsi: or aoe:


Here is an example pxelinux.cfg file for booting

label san-booting-example-1
  kernel sanboot.c32
  append aoe:e0.0

Here is an example of pxelinux.cfg file using HTTP

label san-booting-example-2
  append aoe:e0.0

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