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sysdump.c32 is a COM32 diagnostic utility module that will gather certain system-specific data that can be used to help diagnose hardware-specific issues.


The output of sysdump.c32 contains certain system-specific data and should not be shared publicly.


At this time (2011-04-19), sysdump.c32 has two output mechanisms, ymodem and tftp.


TFTP upload is limited to PXELINUX due to the lack of networking in other variants.


sysdump.c32 tftp filename [tftp_server]

If no tftp_server is specified, the one where PXELINUX was loaded from is used.


YMODEM transfer requires a hardware-based serial port on the system running sysdump.c32 and an appropriate cable (often a NULL MODEM cable attached to another PC).

Syntax: sysdump.c32 ymodem filename [port [speed]]

The port defaults to the equivalent of DOS's COM1 and the speed defaults to 115200 bps.


The output of sysdump.c32 is a .cpio.gz file.