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=== Changes in 6.02 ===
=== Changes in 6.02 ===
: <font color red><u>'''BUG Warning''':</u></font color red> Using Syslinux 6.02 on BTRFS volumes corrupts the superblock.
: <font color maroon><u>'''BUG Warning''':</u></font color maroon> Using Syslinux 6.02 on BTRFS volumes corrupts the superblock. {{nowrap| <big><u>'''Use 6.03 or newer'''</u></big> .}}
* efi64: Add support for booting 32-bit kernels.
* efi64: Add support for booting 32-bit kernels.

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Since Syslinux 6.00, the respective binary files (e.g. boot loaders, installers, Syslinux modules,...) are located under respective "/bios/", "/efi32/", "/efi64/" subdirectories in the official Syslinux archives.

Changes in 6.03

  • chain: Fix chainloading on 6.02 (Raphael S. Carvalho).
  • core: Do not leak the __lowmem and __bss16 macros to modules; hide them so modules will not use them.
  • load_linux: Do not use size heuristic for non-relocatable kernels, for zImage kernels and for non-Linux kernels.
  • PXELINUX: Fix the SENDCOOKIES feature for HTTP (Russel Santillanes).
  • gnu-efi: Add gnu-efi as a submodule.
  • ANSI: Support color tables with more than 256 entries (James Buren).
  • EFI: Fix displayed version; add DATE (Gene Cumm).
  • PXELINUX, EFI: Fix bad read of file size over TFTP on EFI64 (Sylvain Gault).
  • Fix hand over to kernel: "Booting kernel failed: Invalid argument" error.
  • ISOLINUX: EDX, LBA values higher than 65535; work around for buggy BIOS, where the system would hang, would reboot, or would show a "Disk error 01, AX=42" message.
  • core/legacynet: Enable dot quad resolution (Gene Cumm).
  • diag/geodsp improvements (Gene Cumm).
  • DOS: Fix syslinux.com DOS-based installer.
  • Improve gcc 4.3.0 compatibility.
  • syslxint: fix compilation on non-x86 architectures.
  • localboot: Fix "localboot 0x80" and similar cases.
  • Add memset() calls prior to any intcall() and other mem fixes; specially relevant for older hardware and/or buggy BIOS.
  • poweroff.c32: Fixes (Gene Cumm).
  • HDT: Fix memory leak in CLI (Felipe Pena).
  • ACPI: Remove memset of buffer; it makes things clearer but also prevents some compilation warnings (Erwan Velu).
  • Add manpages for isohybrid, memdiskfind (Peter Jones, Gene Cumm).
  • ISOLINUX: Experimental Rock Ridge support (Thomas Schmitt).
  • comapi: Remove the comapi interfaces.
  • EFI: Fixes on PE files and OVMF compatibility (Sylvain Gault, Gene Cumm).
  • EFI: Updates and fixes for gnu-efi sub-module (Sylvain Gault, Gene Cumm).
  • BIOS: Fix low memory check.
  • Filesystem UUID to SYSAPPEND bit 0x40000 for FAT and ext2 (Serj Kalichev).
  • Makefiles: Export the firmware type as a cpp variable. Additional improvements. Fix "make spotless".
  • core, BIOS: Move __syslinux_shuffler_size to assembly. Actually get the shuffler size sanely. Fix booting recent Syslinux versions on certain hardware and on certain virtualization software (e.g. QEMU 0.11.1, VirtualBox 4.1.x).
  • lua: Upgrade to v.5.2.3 (Ferenc Wágner) and additional fixes.
  • chainload: Fixes to chain.c32 and pxechn.c32.
  • NTFS: Make byte_shift a constant.
  • NTFS: Correct parsing of file runs (Andy Alex).
  • core, BIOS: Correct detection of EDD (Andy Alex).
  • core: Avoid initializing the cache more than once (Raphael S. Carvalho).
  • NTFS: Handle fragmented $MFT file (Andy Alex).
  • BIOS: Use int 0x16, ah=0x02 to probe for shift flags. Attempt workaround for USB keyboards not responding at boot time.
  • kbd: Getting the keyboard shift state is now a firmware method.
  • kbd: Fix force-prompt features.
  • BTRFS: Fix booting on BTRFS.
  • cache, btrfs: Provide a general cached read routine.
  • NTFS: Correct file->offset usage in ntfs_readdir (Andy Alex).
  • New support for UFS/FFS (UFS1/2) (Raphael S. Carvalho).
  • adv: Remove double definition; it should fix uses of the ADV, including "--once".
  • memdump: Remove old obsolete COM16 binary.
  • isohybrid: Numerous fixes (Thomas Schmitt).
  • chain.c32: Add an adjustable "strict={0,1,2}" flag, improve error reporting (Michal Soltys).
  • lpxelinux.0: Workaround for various buggy BIOSes (Gene Cumm).
  • PXE: Fix a stack-smashing bug which broke a large number of systems.

Changes in 6.02

BUG Warning: Using Syslinux 6.02 on BTRFS volumes corrupts the superblock. Use 6.03 or newer .
  • efi64: Add support for booting 32-bit kernels.
  • efi: Use the EFI handover protocol when booting kernels if available.
  • Fix various make targets that became broken when switching to per-firmware object directories, including 'make install' and 'make netinstall'.
  • efi: Improve handling of packet loss in UDP stack.
  • tests: Introduce a new regression test framework designed to ensure bugs are not reintroduced once fixed.
  • efi: Implement localboot support.

Changes in 6.01

  • efi: Mark some symbols as __export otherwise libcom32.c32 and vesamenu.c32 will refuse to load.
  • bios: Wire up the bios kernel loader. It was impossible to load a kernel from bios in 6.00.
  • efi: Fix 'make installer'. There are no EFI installers so don't try and build them as we run into build errors.
  • efi: Reuse the initial TFTP client port in subsequent transfers otherwise the server will send an error packet.
  • efi: Some firmware will not set a default TTL value in IP packets - we must explicitly set it ourselves otherwise a value of zero may be used.
  • bios, font: Fix a font regression affecting some VirtualBox users.

Changes in 6.00

  • Add support for booting from EFI.
  • EFI TCP/IP support. This allows the EFI backend to hook into the generic TFTP, HTTP and FTP functionality.