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Since Syslinux 6.00, the respective binary files (e.g. boot loaders, installers, Syslinux modules,...) are located under respective "/bios/", "/efi32/", "/efi64/" subdirectories in the official Syslinux archives.

Changes in 6.04

This is a work-in-progress, temporary, non-exhaustive, unfinished list. Items in this list might change. At the time of writing this temporary list, version 6.04 is not yet released; there are no specific plans, no road-map, no particular TODO list, no ETA. There are still known bugs, regressions and improvements to be dealt with. The fact that this temporary list is already included here should only be interpreted as potentially useful generic information; the future, unknown release date for the official final version 6.04 is not affected and it is not closer (nor further) in time.
	* efi/udp: Improve performance (Julien Viard de Galbert).
	* isohybrid: Use binary mode for compatibility with DOS/Windows
	   (Colin Finck).
	* isohybrid, MBR: Fix compatibility with CHS mode
	   in certain BIOS (Martin Str|mberg, Thomas Schmitt).
	* keeppxe: Partial fix; the LINUX directive can pass
	   the keeppxe parameter (Adam Goldman).
	* chain.c32: Update "reactos=" option.
	* keytab-lilo: Update to support kbd 2.0.3 format (Olivier Brunel).
	* menu: Apply VSHIFT to scrollbar (Bruno Levert).
	* ext4: Support 64bit feature (Paulo Alcantara).

Included in 6.04-pre1:
	* diag/geodsp improvements (Gene Cumm).
	* HDT: Fixes, updates and improvements (Erwan Velu).
	* load_linux: relocate protected-mode code as intended
	   (Scot Doyle).
	* SYSAPPEND: Fix space stripping (Dany St-Amant).
	* SERIAL: Fix, allow octal and hex values on "port" and
	   on "flow control" parameters (Andrew J. Schorr, Dany St-Amant).
	* efi: Fix hang when no keyboard is present (Oliver Wagner).
	* efi: Add support for firmware's architecture-specific
	   optional configuration file names.
	* core: Re-add gPXE/iPXE support for HTTP on pxelinux.0
	   (Gene Cumm).
	* core/http: Append port number to Host field if needed
	   (Gene Cumm).
	* chain.c32: Add options to ignore GPT crc checks
	   (Michal Soltys).
	* mboot.c32: Add ELF64 support for Multiboot1
	   (Alex Barracuda72, Gene Cumm).
	* XFS: Support XFS on-disk V5, node directories version 3,
	   xfsprogs 4.x. (Paulo Alcantara).
	* BTRFS: Fix logical_to_physical block address mapping
	   (Paulo Alcantara).
	* lua: Fixes and improvements;
	   correct and improve its documentation (Ferenc Wágner).
	* Old unmaintained gPXE code is no longer included.
	* Code improvements.

Changes in 6.03

  • chain: Fix chainloading on 6.02 (Raphael S. Carvalho).
  • core: Do not leak the __lowmem and __bss16 macros to modules; hide them so modules will not use them.
  • load_linux: Do not use size heuristic for non-relocatable kernels, for zImage kernels and for non-Linux kernels.
  • PXELINUX: Fix the SENDCOOKIES feature for HTTP (Russel Santillanes).
  • gnu-efi: Add gnu-efi as a submodule.
  • ANSI: Support color tables with more than 256 entries (James Buren).
  • EFI: Fix displayed version; add DATE (Gene Cumm).
  • PXELINUX, EFI: Fix bad read of file size over TFTP on EFI64 (Sylvain Gault).
  • Fix hand over to kernel: "Booting kernel failed: Invalid argument" error.
  • ISOLINUX: EDX, LBA values higher than 65535; work around for buggy BIOS, where the system would hang, would reboot, or would show a "Disk error 01, AX=42" message.
  • core/legacynet: Enable dot quad resolution (Gene Cumm).
  • diag/geodsp improvements (Gene Cumm).
  • DOS: Fix DOS-based installer.
  • Improve gcc 4.3.0 compatibility.
  • syslxint: fix compilation on non-x86 architectures.
  • localboot: Fix "localboot 0x80" and similar cases.
  • Add memset() calls prior to any intcall() and other mem fixes; specially relevant for older hardware and/or buggy BIOS.
  • poweroff.c32: Fixes (Gene Cumm).
  • HDT: Fix memory leak in CLI (Felipe Pena).
  • ACPI: Remove memset of buffer; it makes things clearer but also prevents some compilation warnings (Erwan Velu).
  • Add manpages for isohybrid, memdiskfind (Peter Jones, Gene Cumm).
  • ISOLINUX: Experimental Rock Ridge support (Thomas Schmitt).
  • comapi: Remove the comapi interfaces.
  • EFI: Fixes on PE files and OVMF compatibility (Sylvain Gault, Gene Cumm).
  • EFI: Updates and fixes for gnu-efi sub-module (Sylvain Gault, Gene Cumm).
  • BIOS: Fix low memory check.
  • Filesystem UUID to SYSAPPEND bit 0x40000 for FAT and ext2 (Serj Kalichev).
  • Makefiles: Export the firmware type as a cpp variable. Additional improvements. Fix "make spotless".
  • core, BIOS: Move __syslinux_shuffler_size to assembly. Actually get the shuffler size sanely. Fix booting recent Syslinux versions on certain hardware and on certain virtualization software (e.g. QEMU 0.11.1, VirtualBox 4.1.x).
  • lua: Upgrade to v.5.2.3 (Ferenc Wágner) and additional fixes.
  • chainload: Fixes to chain.c32 and pxechn.c32.
  • NTFS: Make byte_shift a constant.
  • NTFS: Correct parsing of file runs (Andy Alex).
  • core, BIOS: Correct detection of EDD (Andy Alex).
  • core: Avoid initializing the cache more than once (Raphael S. Carvalho).
  • NTFS: Handle fragmented $MFT file (Andy Alex).
  • BIOS: Use int 0x16, ah=0x02 to probe for shift flags. Attempt workaround for USB keyboards not responding at boot time.
  • kbd: Getting the keyboard shift state is now a firmware method.
  • kbd: Fix force-prompt features.
  • BTRFS: Fix booting on BTRFS.
  • cache, btrfs: Provide a general cached read routine.
  • NTFS: Correct file->offset usage in ntfs_readdir (Andy Alex).
  • New support for UFS/FFS (UFS1/2) (Raphael S. Carvalho).
  • adv: Remove double definition; it should fix uses of the ADV, including "--once".
  • memdump: Remove old obsolete COM16 binary.
  • isohybrid: Numerous fixes (Thomas Schmitt).
  • chain.c32: Add an adjustable "strict={0,1,2}" flag, improve error reporting (Michal Soltys).
  • lpxelinux.0: Workaround for various buggy BIOSes (Gene Cumm).
  • PXE: Fix a stack-smashing bug which broke a large number of systems.
  • pxelinux-options: Fix. (Gene Cumm).

Changes in 6.02

BUG Warning: Using Syslinux 6.02 on BTRFS volumes corrupts the superblock. Use 6.03 or newer .
  • efi64: Add support for booting 32-bit kernels.
  • efi: Use the EFI handover protocol when booting kernels if available.
  • Fix various make targets that became broken when switching to per-firmware object directories, including 'make install' and 'make netinstall'.
  • efi: Improve handling of packet loss in UDP stack.
  • tests: Introduce a new regression test framework designed to ensure bugs are not reintroduced once fixed.
  • efi: Implement localboot support.

Changes in 6.01

  • efi: Mark some symbols as __export otherwise libcom32.c32 and vesamenu.c32 will refuse to load.
  • bios: Wire up the bios kernel loader. It was impossible to load a kernel from bios in 6.00.
  • efi: Fix 'make installer'. There are no EFI installers so don't try and build them as we run into build errors.
  • efi: Reuse the initial TFTP client port in subsequent transfers otherwise the server will send an error packet.
  • efi: Some firmware will not set a default TTL value in IP packets - we must explicitly set it ourselves otherwise a value of zero may be used.
  • bios, font: Fix a font regression affecting some VirtualBox users.

Changes in 6.00

  • Add support for booting from EFI.
  • EFI TCP/IP support. This allows the EFI backend to hook into the generic TFTP, HTTP and FTP functionality.