Syslinux 6 Changelog

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Changes in 6.02

  • efi64: Add support for booting 32-bit kernels.
  • efi: Use the EFI handover protocol when booting kernels if available.
  • Fix various make targets that became broken when switching to per-firmware object directories, including 'make install' and 'make netinstall'.
  • efi: Improve handling of packet loss in UDP stack.
  • tests: Introduce a new regression test framework designed to ensure bugs are not reintroduced once fixed.
  • efi: Implement localboot support.

Changes in 6.01

  • efi: Mark some symbols as __export otherwise libcom32.c32 and vesamenu.c32 will refuse to load.
  • bios: Wire up the bios kernel loader. It was impossible to load a kernel from bios in 6.00.
  • efi: Fix 'make installer'. There are no EFI installers so don't try and build them as we run into build errors.
  • efi: Reuse the initial TFTP client port in subsequent transfers otherwise the server will send an error packet.
  • efi: Some firmware will not set a default TTL value in IP packets - we must explicitly set it ourselves otherwise a value of zero may be used.
  • bios, font: Fix a font regression affecting some VirtualBox users.

Changes in 6.00

  • Add support for booting from EFI.
  • EFI TCP/IP support. This allows the EFI backend to hook into the generic TFTP, HTTP and FTP functionality.