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Note: In the following paragraphs, the "/" directory represents the root of the filesystem in which Syslinux (in its several variants) is (going to be) installed.


SYSLINUX / EXTLINUX default to searching for the config file in the installed directory (containing ldlinux.sys or extlinux.sys).

[3.35+] SYSLINUX also searches for the config file in "/boot/syslinux/", "/syslinux/" and "/", in this order.

[-3.xx] SYSLINUX uses syslinux.cfg as config file name. EXTLINUX (merged into SYSLINUX as of 4.00) used extlinux.conf.

[4.00+] SYSLINUX searches first for extlinux.conf and then for syslinux.cfg in each searched-for directory, before falling back to the next directory.

[-4.02] ISOLINUX uses isolinux.cfg as config file name, searching first in "/boot/isolinux/" [2.00+], then in "/isolinux/" and then in "/".

[4.03+] ISOLINUX searches for isolinux.cfg and then for syslinux.cfg in "/boot/isolinux/" before searching for the same files in "/isolinux/", "/boot/syslinux/", "/syslinux/", and "/", in this order.

Since version 4.03, the resulting behavior is that the same "/[[boot/]syslinux/]syslinux.cfg" file can optionally be used for SYSLINUX / EXTLINUX / ISOLINUX, while specific isolinux.cfg and/or extlinux.conf files would take precedence if present.

Since version 4.03, the resulting behavior is that any of the respective config files (or even all of them) — namely isolinux.cfg, and/or extlinux.conf, and/or syslinux.cfg — can optionally be located together in the same "/[[boot/]syslinux/]" directory.


SYSLINUX defaults to searching for syslinux.cfg in the installed directory, where syslinux.efi is located and containing also its corresponding ldlinux.* " file.

Note that syslinux.efi could be optionally renamed.