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The SYSLINUX Project covers lightweight bootloaders for MS-DOS FAT filesystems (SYSLINUX), network booting (PXELINUX), bootable "El Torito" CD-ROMs (ISOLINUX), and Linux ext2/ext3 filesystems (EXTLINUX). The project also includes MEMDISK, a tool to boot legacy operating systems (such as DOS) from nontraditional media; it is usually used in conjunction with PXELINUX and ISOLINUX.

More info about SYSLINUX, PXELINUX, ISOLINUX, and EXTLINUX can be found on their respective pages; however, since the three have a lot in common, the common documentation is on the SYSLINUX page for now.

The SYSLINUX Project is now maintained in a public git repository. See Development for details.

SYSLINUX 3.11 was released on September 2, 2005. This is an improvement upon 3.10, which was a major bug sweep release, which should be significantly more reliable than previous releases.

See the change log for details.

There is a general mailing list that carries SYSLINUX announcements as well as discussion. If you have a problem it is a very good idea to browse the archives for information.