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On this page use cases of products of the syslinux family. It is mostly a collection of links. (Please add more)




  • The Debian installer supports netbooting. At a Debian archive you find a tarball that contains a working example.
  • MosNis - the Multioperatingsystem Networkinstallationserver, a project usefull for Systembuilders who install different Operatingsystem from Network (a Project in german language, actually under development, also available at (new Adress of the Wiki: a well known german Linux-Supportportal)
  • Linux and Windows deployment - Explains how to setup imaging and pxe booting in a mixed Linux/Windows environment. Uses a linux DHCP server, a linux PXE server and a windows WDS/RIS server. Useful if you deploy both Linux and Windows hosts on one network


  • Edoceo's Gentoo Live USB This is a Gentoo Live USB copied from the Gentoo Live CD ISO, modified from ISOLINUX to EXTLINUX. There is also a post using an Kubuntu Live USB model.


COM 32

The syslinux family has also "COM 32" These programs run in the syslinux, isolinux, pxelinux and extlinux environment. They can be use for, example given, CPU detection or Xen booting.