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Most experimental text is now installed in SYSLINUX#Creating_a_Bootable_Disk, What_is_a_SYSLINUX_disk_?, and Common_Problems#Bad_Heritage_on_MS_DOS_disk

Populating disk images by program syslinux

(Remaining todo for What_is_a_SYSLINUX_disk_?

>>> Is there a way to populate a disk image file by syslinux on MS-Windows ? <<<

>>> Mention that PC-BIOS is not the only boot firmware for SYSLINUX. What is known about (U)EFI ? E.g. that currently, Linux distros use FAT disk images inside their isohybrids as El Torito boot images. These FAT images are marked by GPT partitions additionally to MBR partitions. Both nested inside parent partitions which cover the whole ISO filesystem.

How does it look on hard disk ? <<<